Version History

v2.25.0 – May 2, 2019

+ Added the support for importing MD (Markdown) files.
+ Updated the Italian version of the introduction in the app.

v2.24.0 – Apr 22, 2019

+ Added note for sheet.
+ Updated the Japanese version of the introduction in the app.
– Fixed some minor bugs.

v2.23.1 – Apr 12, 2019

+ Added 5 styles to select when export to DOCX.
+ Added the support for importing DOCX.
* Improved the export and preview support when export to DOCX.
+ Added the German version of the introduction.
– Fixed some minor bugs.

v2.22.0 – Apr 10, 2019

+ Added the German interface. Now you can change the display language to German when you want to.

v2.21.0 – Apr 9, 2019

* Improved the DOCX export to match the Word outline.
* Updated export to DOCX/PDF, now with better font and encoding.

v2.20.0 – Mar 28, 2019

+ Added tag support for sheets for better organization and search. The same tag applied when posting to WordPress.
+ Added the Portuguese (Brazil) interface.
+ Added backup support for the custom dictionary.
* Updated the introduction content.
– Fixed some minor bugs.

v2.19.0 – Mar 19, 2019

+ Redesigned icons on the app.
* Optimized for the high resolution display (e.g. Surface devices).

v2.18.1 – Mar 16, 2019

+ Launched the new application logo, as part of the ongoing evolution of our brand.
* Decreased the font size of Heading 1 / Heading 2 / Heading 3.
– Bug fixes.

v2.17.1 – Mar 12, 2019

+ Added the new feature of splitting a sheet by heading or divider.
* Improved the processing and export for multiple levels lists.

v2.16.0 – Mar 1, 2019

+ Added the support for adding a featured image when publishing to WordPress.
+ Added the support for partial statistics for selected part.

v2.15.0 – Feb 27, 2019

+ Added the new feature of merging multiple sheets into one.
+ Added the Romanian interface.
+ Added more dictionaries for spelling check.

v2.14.0 – Feb 19, 2019

+ Added the support to publish to Medium from within the app.
* Updated the export to Markdown/HTML.

v2.13.1 – Feb 13, 2019

+ Added the digital signature for better security and verification.

v2.13.0 – Feb 9, 2019

+ Added the type writer mode.
+ Added the Italian version of the introduction.

v2.12.0 – Jan 26, 2019

+ Added the Polish interface. Now you can change the display language to Polish when you want to.

v2.11.1 – Jan 21, 2019

+ Added the Italian interface. Now you can change the display language to Italian when you want to.
+ Added more dictionaries for spelling check.

v2.10.3 – Jan 13, 2019

+ Added support to export sheets in a Group to a single document.
+ Added support to select multiple sheets at a time for further process such as exporting, trashing, and more.
– Fixed some minor bugs.

v2.9.1 – Jan 7, 2019

* Improved the mouse wheel speed.
– Fixed font selection problem in Windows XP.
– Fixed some minor bugs.

v2.9.0 – Dec 27, 2018

+ Added the Japanese interface. Now you can change the display language to Japanese when you want to.
+ Press and hold “Ctrl and +” to increase the font size and “Ctrl and -” to decrease the font size.
– Fixed some bugs.

v2.8.0 – Dec 19, 2018

+ Added the Simplified Chinese interface. Now you can change the display language to Chinese when you want to.
– Fixed some bugs.

v2.7.0 – Dec 15, 2018

+ Added dark mode (theme).
* Updated export to PDF in designated font.
– Fixed a problem with the bullet point list when export to PDF.

v2.6.0 – Dec 11, 2018

+ Added the full screen mode for a literally distraction-free writing environment.
* Improved the user interface when choosing dictionaries.

v2.5.0 – Dec 8, 2018

+ Added markup for bullet point as unordered list.
+ Added spell check support for up to three languages at the same time.
+ Added more spell check options when right-click the misspelled words.
* Improved the delete markup support when export to formats such as DOCX and PDF.

v2.4.2 – Dec 6, 2018

– Fixed minor bugs with the soft return.
– Fixed backslash in code/raw source markup.
* Improved the starting performance.

v2.4.0 – Dec 4, 2018

+ Added spell check for multiple languages. You can enable them via Edit > Dictionaries.
+ Added automatically check for update.

v2.3.2 – Dec 2, 2018

* Updated the auto-saving mechanism to improve the typing experience.
* Updated the spell check. Now you can see suggest replacements for misspelled words.

v2.3.0 – Dec 1, 2018

+ Added (fn) markup support for footnotes.
* Updated the support for touchscreen devices such as Microsoft Surface products.
* Improved the preview for DOCX.
– Fixed some bugs with certain export formats.

v2.2.0 – Nov 12, 2018

+ Export and import InspireSheet (.is file). So you can share your writing, exactly as it is, with friends who are also on Inspire.
* Upgraded the interaction experience.
– Fixed some bugs when exporting as Markdown/HTML and to WordPress.

v2.1.0 – Nov 8, 2018

+ Added password protection to Groups, providing a layer of security to your work.
* Updated the editing performance.
* Enhanced the writing experience.

v2.0.0 – Oct 22, 2018

+ Added cloud sync support. Now you can seamlessly sync and share files among multiple public cloud services such as Dropbox and Google Drive.
* Made some minor improvements.
* Optimized the overall writing experience.
– Fixed some bugs.


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