Inspire Version 2.7.0 is released. The new dark mode is added.

Hi guys! Wish you all a wonderful weekend! 😁

Many of you have told us that you want to see Inspire in dark mode, and here is it. Check it out in the Inspire 2.7.0.

In the latest version, we have:

  1. Added the dark mode theme;

  2. Updated export to PDF and fixed a related bug;
  3. Added keyboard shortcut to footnote.
  4. And more bug fixed and user experience updated.

You can upgrade Inspire to the latest version via “Help” > “Check for the latest version now” and enjoy the dark mode in Inspire by pressing “Ctrl + T”.

If you haven’t installed Inspire yet, feel free to download here for a 10-day trial.

Or if you’re willing to write us a review, we’d be happy to provide you with a free life-time license. Feel free to contact us for more detail.