Inspire 2.17

Howdy! Wish your week is off to an amazing start!

Open Inspire now, and you’ll be prompted with the latest update of Inspire, version 2.17.

If you haven’t tried the marvelous distraction-free writing app, feel free to download it from here and give it a spin. Trust us, you’ll fall in love with it before you know it.

On Inspire 2.17, you’ll see the following updates:

1) Now you can split your sheet into multiple sheets in a group by heading and/or divider.

By doing so, you don’t have to worry about writing longer content and not being able to sort them out in the first place. Like we said before, you focus on the content, and we handle the rest.

2) We also updated the multiple level lists, as you can see from what’s shown below:

Try the latest version of Inspire out and let us know how you like it.

If you want to see more updated features on Inspire, feel free to reach out, and we’d be in touch real soon. 🙂

Inspire 2.16 Released!


We released the latest version of Inspire, it’s now 2.16. Come and check out the latest feature!

1) Inspire now allows you to add a featured image when publishing to WordPress. So you don’t have to do it when on WordPress.

2) Now you can select part of your sheet content and see the statistics of it, like this:

These two amazing features are suggested by our very warm-hearted users, and we thank them for their great efforts in making Inspire better.

And if you want to see more useful features on Inspire that will help you and many of our users, feel free to let us know. We’re all ears.

Inspire 2.15 Released!

Hi friends!

We just released an update of Inspire, 2.15, let’s check out what’s new!

1) Now you can select multiple sheets at a time and merge them into one. So if you’re writing on different sheets, the sheet merging feature is a good way to compile all of your work together into one.

2) We also added the Romanian interface.

3) In addition, to meet the needs of writers using different languages, we added more dictionaries for spell checking. One more step to the i18n!

What more features do you want to see in us? Or what feature do you need us to update? Feel free to let us know your thoughts. C’mon, we’re open for any suggestions.

Inspire 2.14 Released!

Howdy friends!

We released Inspire 2.14 today, feel free to update your Inspire to the latest version to give it a spin, or download it from here  if you don’t have one yet.

On Inspire 2.14, you can publish to Medium directly from within the app.

Click About adding Medium account to see more detail instruction on how to do it.

Feel free to give the latest version of Inspire a try, and let us know how you feel about it. We’d love to hear your constructive feedback to make Inspire better.

Typewriter Mode

For some, staying at the bottom instead of the middle of the writing app at all time when writing longer content is unbearable. To a point that they can’t help to throw in a couple of empty lines under the paragraph that they are writing. Then they scroll back to where they left to continue writing… What a pickle!

But this doesn’t have to be the case with Typewriter Mode.

Just as the name suggest, Typewriter Mode mimics the behavior of a mechanic typewriter. It may be a bit old-fashion for some writers, but it’s definitely a great way to stay focus on your content, which is one of Inspire’s goals.

When typing on Inspire Typewriter Mode, you will always see your current line staying in the middle of the page, while the text you just typed will be pushed upwards, adding one more touch to the distraction-free writing environment that we’re working hard to build. Of course you can scroll to wherever you want the text to be and keep typing.

To enable Typewriter mode, click View, then Typewriter Mode:

Update to the latest version of Inspire and try Typewriter Mode out, and you’re bound to fall in love with it, together with the increased productivity, just like I did. 🙂

Inspire Version 2.11 Released! One more step to the international!

Howdy, friends!

We’re so excited to announce that we have added one one more interface to Inspire: Italian!

Thanks to one of our very warm-hearted users, we’re able to publish the Italian version of Inspire today.

If you’re interested in seeing more language interfaces in Inspire, feel free to let us know.

Or better yet, if you’re willing to help us with the translation, we’d be so thrilled to send you a free license key for Inspire. Or if you have your own website, we can offer you a discount code so your readers will also benefit from your generous act. Let’s talk, and we’ll work out the deal.

Inspire 2.10 Released!


We’re so excited to tell you that we’ve added 2 more required features to Inspire in the latest version. Here’s the detail information about them:

1) You can now export sheets in a Group to a single document on Inspire. Just select the group that you want to export, and click Export… to turn the entire group into whatever format you desire.

2) You can now select multiple sheets at a time, and then decide what you want to do to them. For instance, export them to a file with the targeted format, trash them all together, or preview them all at once. Let your creativity guide the way.

3) We also fixed some minor bugs. So now you can have a smoother user experience on Inspire.

Feel free to update to the latest version of Inspire to enjoy the new features. And if you haven’t installed one yet, just download from here Download Inspire and enjoy the 10-day free trial.

What more features do you expect to see on Inspire? Come on, tell us what you think, and you may win yourself a life-time free license key to Inspire. 🙂

Inspire Version 2.9.0 is released.

One more step ahead to the international! 😄

Hi friends, we’re so happy to announce that the Japanese version of Inspire the app and the website is now officially live. Click the link and let us know how you like it:

Feel free to upgrade to the latest version of Inspire and change your interface language to Japanese if it suits you better.

C’mon, tell us what you think about it. We’re listening. 😁😁

Inspire Versoin 2.8.0 is released. The first step towards the i18n.

Howdy! We’re so happy that we’re officially taking our first step towards the international.

Update Inspire to the latest version, i.e. Inspire 2.8.0, you’ll see the the Simplified Chinese interface via View > Language.

Also, the Chinese version of our website is officially live, let’s take a tour:

What language are you using? And how much would you like to see your mother tongue showing as the interface for Inspire? Feel free to leave your comments below.

C’mon, we’re all ears.

Inspire Version 2.7.0 is released. The new dark mode is added.

Hi guys! Wish you all a wonderful weekend! 😁

Many of you have told us that you want to see Inspire in dark mode, and here is it. Check it out in the Inspire 2.7.0.

In the latest version, we have:

  1. Added the dark mode theme;

  2. Updated export to PDF and fixed a related bug;
  3. Added keyboard shortcut to footnote.
  4. And more bug fixed and user experience updated.

You can upgrade Inspire to the latest version via “Help” > “Check for the latest version now” and enjoy the dark mode in Inspire by pressing “Ctrl + T”.

If you haven’t installed Inspire yet, feel free to download here for a 10-day trial.

Or if you’re willing to write us a review, we’d be happy to provide you with a free life-time license. Feel free to contact us for more detail.