Inspire 2.10 Released!


We’re so excited to tell you that we’ve added 2 more required features to Inspire in the latest version. Here’s the detail information about them:

1) You can now export sheets in a Group to a single document on Inspire. Just select the group that you want to export, and click Export… to turn the entire group into whatever format you desire.

2) You can now select multiple sheets at a time, and then decide what you want to do to them. For instance, export them to a file with the targeted format, trash them all together, or preview them all at once. Let your creativity guide the way.

3) We also fixed some minor bugs. So now you can have a smoother user experience on Inspire.

Feel free to update to the latest version of Inspire to enjoy the new features. And if you haven’t installed one yet, just download from here Download Inspire and enjoy the 10-day free trial.

What more features do you expect to see on Inspire? Come on, tell us what you think, and you may win yourself a life-time free license key to Inspire. 🙂

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