Publish to WordPress and/or Medium From Within Inspire

You can publish your work written in Inspire to WordPress or Medium directly from within the app. Here is how you do it:

Publish to WordPress from Inspire

To do so, you need to add your WordPress account via File › Preferences…Accounts. Click the button and Custom WordPress….

Add your WordPress account information. Click Log In.

You can also publish your post with a featured image straight from Inspire.

Publish to Medium

To publish your work written in Inspire to Medium, you first need the token from Medium by emailing to <>. Medium will then grant access on the Settings page of your Medium account.

When your token generation setting is turned on by Medium, go to your setting page, look for the Integration tokens section, and enter the description for Inspire. A token for Inspire will then be generated.

When you have the key, go to File ›Preferences… > Accounts, then click the +button and Medium….

Copy and paste your Medium token. Click Log In.

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