Before we begin…

Let’s ease you into the basic UI of Inspire. Some names might be new to you, but once you get the hang of them, your productivity would be greatly enhanced. After all, you focusing on the content is what really matters here in Inspire.

Library, Sheet List & Editor

There are 3 main views in Inspire from left to right:

  • Library
  • Sheet List
  • Editor

Basic Navigation

You can switch views via the button on the bottom left corner of the editor, or use Ctrl+1, Ctrl+2, Ctrl+3.

Library & Groups

The Library holds everything you’ll ever write. It’s like a Windows Folder. If you write a lot, just as what we assume you’d do, groups are the main tool to keep you organized.

You can add groups via the File › New Group… menu or right click an existing folder. You can create groups inside a group except the Inbox group. If you select a group in the library, its contents will show up in the sheet list. Select a sheet, and it shows up in the editor. You get the rest.

You can add locks to your groups if you don’t want others to read what’s in it. Simply by right-clicking the target group, then click Lock, you’re creating a group only you can access.

Sheet List

All writing is done on Inspire’s sheets. Sheets are similar to documents or files.

You can create sheets via File › New Sheet menu or the new sheet button () on the top of the sheet list. The new sheet will be created in the selected group.

You can freely move sheets around and sort them at will in a group if the group is set to “Sort Manually“.

While editing your sheets, you don’t need to save them manually. It’s fully automatic.


We firmly believe that writing is all about focusing on the content. Presentation and layouts should never stand in the way of content creation. And Editor is where all the best things happen:

  • You don’t need a title or a file name;
  • Your writings are automatically saved as you write;
  • You just need minimal markup to define your text;
  • Your fingers can stay firmly planted on the keyboard as you apply formatting on the fly, which saves you lots of time and help you focus on your writing.

If you want to know more about Inspire markup, head to Efficient Writing.

Navigation, Statistics & Export in Editor

  • Navigate your writing via the button (or use Ctrl+8);
  • Statistics is reachable via the button, including characters, sentences, paragraphs, etc. (or use Ctrl+7)
  • Export your writings via the button (or use Ctrl+6). Export options include PDF, DOCX, HTML, Text, and more.


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