One of the most significant features in Inspire is that it allows you to stay free from using your mouse. In other words, when writing with Inspire Writer, you don’t need your mouse at all, because you can basically use keyboard shortcuts to do whatever you want.

Here are some of the most basic keyboard shortcuts in Inspire:

Basic Operations

  • Ctrl+G for creating a new group
  • Ctrl+N for creating a new sheet

Views and Navigation

  • Ctrl+1, Ctrl+2, Ctrl+3 for switching views
  • Ctrl+↓/↑ for navigating between the sheets
  • Ctrl+8 to show the Navigator
  • F11 for full screen
  • Ctrl+T for Dark Mode theme
  • Ctrl+0/+/- to show default, increased and decreased fonts

Inspire Markup Language

  • Ctrl+B for strong
  • Ctrl+I for emphasize
  • Ctrl+K for link
  • Ctrl+M for image
  • Shift+Ctrl+F for footnote
  • Ctrl+L for clearing Markup
  • Ctrl+H for increasing heading level
  • Ctrl+9 to show the Markup Bar

Frequently Used Features

  • Ctrl+6 to show Export
  • Ctrl+7 to show Statistics
  • Ctrl+R for Preview
  • F7 for spell check