Inspire 3.8 & 3.9: The Search function in External Folders and More

Howdy, fellas! It’s been looooong. We know, it’s on us: we got side-tracked lately, and haven’t had enough time for Inspire updates.

Annnnnnnyway, we’re back! And coming back with us, are the latest updates, versions 3.8 and 3.9, we have for Inspire. Download the latest version of Inspire from here if you haven’t already. Read on and find out more info about the updates.

Added the support for the search function in the External Folders

In Inspire 3.9, we’ve added and updated the search function to the External Folders, so now your search scope expands to both your local sheets and your external folders.

Just a recap: the External Folders allows you to sync your files, so you can edit your work on both Windows and macOS, without having to install an Inspire for Mac, or a Ulysses for Windows, for instance. In other words, it’s what makes file syncing between two different operating systems possible. See more of how you can do it here.

Updated the preview for the PNG export

We’ve also updated the preview when you preview your sheet exported to the PNG form. We’ve also fixed a minor bug when exporting your sheet to PNG file as well.

So that’s about it! They aren’t major updates, but each of them counts when it comes to making Inspire better.

What more do you want to see in Inspire? Feel free to tell us what you think, and we’ll see what we can do from there. 🙂