Think of the sheets as classic documents, except that they don’t require a “title” or a “file name” or anything as such.

Apart from what’s mentioned in the Overview sheet, here are more features that help you create an enabling distraction-free environment:

Split a sheet by heading and/or divider

If you write longer content, and you need to split it into shorter ones, no need for you to go through the tedious cutting and pasting process. You can easily split it up with the help of the sheet splitting feature:

Right-click your long content sheet, and click “Split Sheet…“. There, you have a group of sheets stored in a new group.

Merge multiple sheets into one

Inspire aims to let you write whole books, and you’ll probably need more than one single sheet of content for these. So, merging multiple sheets into a master one for later use is of great help. Here is how you can do it:

Press the Ctrl key and select the sheets you want to merge. Right-click the sheets highlighted and click “Merge Sheets“.

There, you have your master sheet created.

Export multiple sheets

When you selected the sheets, all of them will be “stitched together”, like a large chunk of content. You then can decide what format you want the merged sheet to be in, just like a regular sheet.

Batch process multiple sheets

Apart from merging, splitting, and exporting sheets, there are more features that help you organize your work:

  • Preview selected sheets so you’ll know how are the sheets doing when merged;
  • Delete unwanted sheets in bulk.