Efficient Tools

Dark mode

If you’re a night owl or just simply enjoy the dark mode on your software, try turn on the dark mode on Inspire via View › Dark mode, or Ctrl+T.

Typewriter mode

Typewriter mode allows you to stay focus on what you have to say, and you don’t have to scroll up and down with your mouse to be in the center of the editor.

To enable it, go to View › Typewriter Mode.

Full screen mode

The full screen mode allows you to have an authentic immersive writing environment, where all you’re left to do is write.

To enable it, go to View › Enter Full Screen, or the shortcut key F11.

Add multiple dictionaries for spellcheck

Inspire lets you select up to three dictionaries for spellcheck. To enable more dictionaries, click Edit › Dictionaries, then select dictionaries you need.

Spellcheck & learn “misspelled” words

Inspire checks the spelling of your text automatically. But there are times when you need to use terms that are yet to be recognized by dictionaries. In this case, you could tell Inspire to learn a new word by right-clicking the word, then click “Show Spelling” and “Add“.

Total & partial statistics

You can check the statistics, such as words, sentences, links and images, of a whole sheet, or just the data for the selected part with the button.

Multiple language interface

Inspire is built to grow, a case in point is its multi-language interface. We owe it big to our selfless users from around the world. Big thanks to these warm-hearted contributors: Acknowledgment

So feel free to change the interface to whatever fits you the best.


Attachments on Inspire allow you to organize your sheets with tags such as “todo”, “urgent”,”draft”, etc. You can totally define more tags you will use on your work if needed.

Add tags to your sheet via Ctrl+4, or click the paperclip icon on the side bar ().


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