Why is distraction-free writing getting popular?

If you write a lot, which we bet you do, on Mac/iOS, there is a great chance that you came across a writing app called Ulysses at one time or another. In fact, you may already joined its fan club.

We tip our hat to Ulysses: It might not be the app that created the distraction-free minimalist writing environment in the first place, but it must be the most outstanding one of them on Mac/iOS.

To create a distraction-free writing environment, the text editor or writing app needs to be equipped with the following key elements:

  1. Mouse is used as little as possible and there is no need for you to lift your fingers from the keyboard – It keeps you from distractions such as adjusting the text format.
  2. Defines text with simple markups rather than with formats – This is how you won’t be distributed by deciding what format to choose for your content.
  3. Content is the only thing that should be left on the screen – No windows, no tabs, no menus, no status bar….. If it’s not content related, it shouldn’t be there.
  4. Saves automatically & instantly and there better be no files or folders – You don’t deserve to start your writing by creating a file name first, nor witness your work going down the drain just because you forget to hit save every 5 minutes.
  5. Supports dark mode theme – So you can immerse yourself in writing at night without fatiguing your eyes.

Such a writing environment sure will boost your productivity. Who wouldn’t say yes to higher efficiency?

No wonder writing apps or editors such as Ulysses are getting more popular than ever. But it’s such a pity that developers for Ulysses haven’t created Ulysses for Windows, and they even claimed that they will never consider a Windows version of Ulysses. Too bad for its die-hard fans.

But those days are gone. Inspire Writer fills the blank. It creates the distraction-free writing environment on Windows, just so you can write elegant. Everything you want to see in a distraction-free editor, you can find it on Inspire.

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