Inspire 3.3: Launched The Czech Language Interface on App and Its Site

TL;DR: Update to Inspire 3.3.0 to see the brand-new updated Czech version of the Inspire interface. Please also seethe Czech version of the website for Inspire.

The full story:

John made our day.

He’s insanely generous with his time in helping us with the localization of Inspire when he finds that “Inspire is very helpful for writers”. To all of which, we’re so grateful.

It is with his help that we’re able to roll out Inspire 3.3.0 today: it comes with the Czech interface, with the Introduction Group included, and we also launched the Czech website:

To view Inspire in Czech, please go to View > Language > Čeština.

We couldn’t have gone this far on the road to localization without warm-hearted users like John, nor could we thank them enough for all the little and big ways that they’ve pitched in. But please think of this post as a start.

Once again, thank you!

Inspire 3.2: Better Manage Your Sheets as Favorites

Hello! How time flies, last time we talked feels like yesterday. 😉

We have tags and notes already for your attention, now we take one more step forward by adding the Favorites folder to Inspire 3.2.

By adding your sheets as “favorites“, you’re staring some of the most important ones to a single folder, so you can have a much faster access to them all.

The Inspire Library holds everything you ever write, but there are times when you need to shift your focus to some of the work for the time being, so having easier access to them would be quite a time-saver and distraction-eliminator.

Here is how you can add your sheet to favorites, simply with just two clicks:

Select the sheet you want to prioritize your attention to, right-click it and click Add to Favorites.

You’ll then see a Favorites folder listed in Library.

That’s it. Easy as that.

Update your Inspire to the latest version directly from within the app, or download the latest version of Inspire from here to have a try. And please feel free to let us know what you think, or what more you’d like to see on Inspire.

See you soon. 🙂

Inspire 3.1: Set, Track and Achieve Your Goals

We just can’t stress enough the importance of setting goals: they build a bridge to get you from where you’re right now to where you want to be.Moreover, they reduce as many distractions as possible from outside, holding us accountable. These are also true when it comes to writing.

On Inspire 3.1 (download the latest version of Inspire here), we added the goal setting feature that helps you keep track of your writing progress by the following metrics:

  • characters
  • character (no spaces)
  • words

Let’s take a closer look at how to set a goal for your writing sheet:

1) Click the paperclip button top left in the sheet to open attachments, then click Goal.

You can also click View and Goal to invoke the goal setting, or faster with the shortcut key, F5.

2) Now you can specify the detail of your goal. Do you want a minimum, maximum, or just a vague guidance? Do you want it to be based on characters or words? Whatever it is, fill in the fields respectively to get things started.

How do you find this new feature? Have a try at it by updating to the latest version of Inspire, or download the latest version from here.

As always, we’re all ears to what you think we can do more, so feel free to fire up. We’re listening. 🙂

Inspire 3.0: Sync Your Files on Both Windows and macOS

Howdy, dear friends. It’s been long. 🙂

Truth to be told, we’ve been working on this major update of Inspire, 3.0, and it’s taken quite some time before we’re ready to present you.

And on that note, let’s jump in and get started!

1) Edit .md files imported from external folders.

In Inspire 3.0, you can import .md files from external Windows folders for later editing. In other words, you can save your .md files with cloud services, such as Dropbox, and sync-edit them on Inspire.

That is to say, the restriction between different platforms, such as Windows and macOS, no longer exist. You can edit your .md files on both Windows and macOS, whether you have Inspire installed on the device or not. All you need is a reliable cloud service provider, and that’s it for syncing your files in different places. Exhilarating!

2) We also fixed the compatibility problem with the SSL versions when connecting to WordPress.

Syncing among multiple platform has long been the ideal feature for many users, and we truly believe that it’d be of great help to people writing in different environment. Thank you for your patience with us so far.

Excited as we are, we’re taking our next step to provide your with a better Inspire. See you soon. 🙂

Inspire 2.25

Howdy, friends! Here’s our update of the week: Inspire 2.25. Download it here or just open Inspire on your computer to get it updated automatically!

Here is what’s new on Inspire 2.25:

1) Now you can import the MD (Markdown) document into Inspire for further editing. To import a .md file, click File > Import… and then choose your file to import.

You’ll find not only the content is imported, footnotes, images, links etc. are also imported as well. In other words, it’s our one step closer to use Inspire on multiple platforms. Excited? We sure are. 🙂

2) We also updated the Italian version of the intro in the app:

This won’t be possible without the help from Peter, one of our users who keeps providing us with great suggestions. There are no enough thank yous that can show our appreciation of your help. Thanks man!

If you also want to see features or improvements you like on Inspire, just holler! 🙂 We’re always here listening.

Inspire 2.24

Howdy! Happy Earth Day!

We just launched the latest version of Inspire, version 2.24. Update Inspire to the latest version directly from within the app, or download it from here if you haven’t had it already.

Here are what’s new about the new version:

1) You can now add a note for a sheet by pressing the F4 key, or click the paperclip icon on the left side of the editor.

You’ll see the note indicator on the sheet list and the note on your editor:

You can change the color of the note to make it pop or drag it to where works for you the best.

2) We also updated the Japanese version of the introduction in the app.

Update to the latest version of Inspire and have a go at the above two new features: You’ll love them. 🙂

What more do you want to see on Inspire? Feel free to give us a shout out and let us hear you. We love nothing more than constructive suggestions that make Inspire better.

Inspire 2.23

Howdy, buds!

As promised, we’re releasing the third updated version of Inspire within the week. The latest version available now is Inspire 2.23. Update Inspire directly from within the app or download it here if you haven’t already.

Let’s take a look at what’s new in the latest version. Spoiler alert, the list is long.

1) We added 5 styles that you can choose to export your work to with the DOCX format. Not only that, we also improved the export and preview support when export to DOCX.

We said that this feature was not yet perfect, but this change is a big step ahead.

By exporting to the Formal style of the DOCX format, you will see this:

Have fun trying the rest of the 4 styles and choose the one that looks the best for your work.

2) Apart from exporting to DOCX files, you now can import a DOCX document into Inspire for further editing. Just go to File > Import… and select your target file. Simple as that.

3) As promised, on Inspire 2.23, we updated the German version of the introduction.

We owe it big to Peter, one of our warmed-hearted users who has devoted his time and effort into Inspire. Thanks mate!

What more do you want to see is us? Feel free to let us know, and we’d be in touch real soon.

Inspire 2.22

Hey y’all!

Didn’t expect to see us just a day after the previous release, huh? Just kidding, you might have already gotten used to our frequency in launching updated versions of Inspire. Well, we sure hope you do! 🙂

We just released Inspire 2.22, adding the German language interface. Update it directly from the app or download it from here if you haven’t already.

We couldn’t say thank you enough to Peter Nathschläger who has helped us with the localization and translation with amazingly awesome efficiency and quality.

Peter is actually more committed than localizing the interface for Inspire: He also offered to translate the introduction sheets on the app. And with his devotion and efficiency, you can expect to see the German version of the welcoming message real soon.

See you soon! 🙂

Inspire 2.21

Hey old friends, so happy to see you again! Wish you a lovely week ahead!

We’ve worked hard on the latest version of Inspire, 2.21. To be honest, it took us more time than planned, but we managed to nail it, well, almost. 😉😉

We understand that it’s not yet the perfect version, but we’re working to make it better and better.

Update Inspire directly within the app or download it from here if you haven’t already.

Here’s what’s new about Inspire 2.21:

1) We updated the DOCX export support. So now when you export to DOCX document and view the file with Microsoft Word, you will see the style you have on Inspire matching with the outline on Word. And you can choose how your work will look on Word by selecting its styles.

For example, this is what you’ll see when selecting the Traditional style:

And this is what you’ll see with the Formal style:

Update Inspire to the latest version and find the style that works for you the best!

2) We also updated the export support to DOCX and PDF document. Your work now comes with nicer looking fonts and better encoding.

Big, warm thanks to our users for suggesting us to do better on these two fronts. And if you have anything to say to us, or you think there are more that you’d like to see on Inspire, feel free to give us a shout out, and we’ll see what we can do from there. 🙂

Inspire 2.20

It’s been long, old friends!

We just released the latest version of Inspire, 2.20, feel free to download it here  and see the new features we have added to Inspire!

1) Tag is the first new feature that we’d like you to have a try. By clicking the paperclip button on the left side of the editor, or pressing Ctrl+4, you can add whatever tags to your sheets to mark their status, making them stand out from the crowd.

This is how your sheet looks like when you add the tags:

If your WordPress website share the same tag, like you have a “marketing” tag here on Inspire and one on your website, the tag on Inspire will be automatically applied to your WordPress post as well.

2) Thanks to one of our users’ generous help, we add one more language interface to Inspire, the Brazilian Portuguese:

3) We also updated the introduction on Inspire.

Inspire is built to grow and adapt, and we’ve been updating it almost every week over the past few months. So the old intro falls short a bit. So we got it updated to serve you better.

Go ahead and update to the latest version of Inspire and take a look at what we mean in this post.

Or, if you haven’t installed Inspire yet, click here to download and enjoy the 10-day free trial.